Best Foods That Boost Sex Life

Certain meats

Eating foods or meats that contains high amino acids are helpful for men to as it is know to improve se.x life

beef, chicken, and pork have some compounds such as carnitine, L-arginine and zinc  that improves blood flow which is smooth and crucial in sexual response.


Oysters have high aphrodisiac properties that helps in erection. For this reasons Oysters are highly recommended because of the zinc coumpound that increases blood flow during se.x that may aid in orgasm.

The Zinc according to scientist is important for male fertility, as it helps regulate testosterone levels.


Salmon is highly rich in Omega-3 fatty acids

Pink-fleshed fishes like Salmon, sardines, tuna and halibut all have the huge potential of keeping your body in healthy and se.xual way.

Omega-3s helps in preventing certain blocks in the arteries and vains which helps in blood flow throughout the body.

Fish is also a great source of protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron. It also contains zinc.


Nuts and seeds

Some men prefer candy but I would advice you to try something different that is nuts and seeds.

Cashews and almonds are highly rich in and full of zinc, while a host of healthy snacks contain L-arginine to get your blood flowing. Seeds and nuts such as walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pecans, hazelnuts and peanuts are well helpful in omega-3s.



As far as se.x goes apples contain elements called quercetin, quercetin offers flavonoid which has number of health benefits. These benefits promotes blood circulation, treating ED and managing the symptoms of prostatitis.

reports even suggest that quercetin successfully lower blood pressure at doses greater than 500 mg per day.

As you know, High blood pressure leads to se.xual dysfunction because blood vessel damage impairs blood flow to the genitals.





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