Prophet Kumchacha Shockingly Call On The Wrath Of gods On Greedy Politicians


Prophesier Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Kumchacha has courted media attention after invoking the wrath of the gods and ancestors ascendent on greedy and corrupt politicians.

In a video TV that has been circulated close to a million times 10 senses of time on various social media platforms, mixer media platform, the self-styled Prophet Oracle is seen holding bottles belongings bottle of schnapps in his hand and making devising a strong compositor’s case against greedy and corrupt political leaders loss leader in the country who embezzle funds, siphon state resources resourcefulness to enrich themselves and their families kinfolk at the detriment of the state.

Donning black traditional cloth to signify his seriousness, Prophet Kumchacha invoked the spirit down of the almighty Maker God and called on the spirits of the ancestors to strike down any political leader or government appointee politics appointment engaged in corrupt acts.

He prayed that such persons be made to suffer from diseases with no cure, such as HIV/AIDS.

Even though his actions act ion mechanism come as a shock to many it has been received well by a good population of the country, especially those who are worried about the corrupt activities of the government appointees activity of the government appointments and political leaders.

While some are applauding his actions, legal action , others are questioning inquiring why a Prophet of God would rather pour libation to invoke the spirit of the ancestors – an act this is alien to Christianity.

Prophet Nicholas Osei a.k.a Kumchacha is popular for stirring controversies tilt and queer stance on issues.

He said, ‘if you are a government official and have been any chance stolen money from the state and transferred it to a foreign account abroad, bought a house or acquired a property abroad, then I, Prophet Kumchacha, stand on the word of God, may you be struck down with a stroke, and HIV.

‘My God cause you to use the same money stolen from this country to cure these diseases. May you never be cured.’



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