Man Reveals Serious Secretes About How He Started Worshiping Juju

Former Idol worshipper cum born again Christian has given a chilling account on his life’s journey into worshipping gods and finally converting into a christian.

Born Joshua Koku Makafui, he grew up as a good Christian boy and in a devoted Christian home with good moral values and principles but all his morals came crushing when at the tender age of 13, he was introduced into black magic locally termed as JUJU by a trusted relative of his.

Narrating the circumstances that led him into engaging in juju, he said life at a point became very unbearable for his parents. Getting a three-square meal to eat on a daily basis became a struggle for the family who couldn’t afford it.

According to him, the said relative who introduced him to juju used to visit them occasionally and always brought him chocolates.

I was about 13 years old. He would always give me chocolate when we came from smoking ‘weed’ to keep me quiet. However, for the alcohol, it was through friends at school.”

Mr Koku further revealed how he became a drug addict and an alcoholic due to his financial situation and life not favoring him. It was during his stay with the said relative that he secured a job as a clearing agent. Though he was working at that time, life was still unbearable to get by.

Now enlightened about his colleagues’ riches and luxurious living, he also embarked on that journey and decided to bring his black magic home to worship in his apartment. He specifically allocated one of his bedrooms for the juju.

I started visiting the shrines with them but it was not working so eventually I decided to bring the voodoo to my house to worship it myself. After all this, I never benefited from it the way I wanted,” he revealed.

In as much as he has tried on several occasions to advise his friends to desist from worshipping the juju, his attempts have all fallen on deaf ears.

Now that he has found Christ and given his life to him, he has advised all the youth not to be fooled by the flashy lifestyles seen been paraded on social media as all that glitters is not gold, but to rather have faith and be steadfast in God almighty as he will bless those who wait on him accordingly.

Seeing as how most of his colleagues were living luxuriously and having flashy lifestyles, he gathered the courage to ask how they managed to come about their wealth. Being inquisitive as he is, he was told by some of his colleagues of how they visited shrines and were into black magic hence their source of flashy lifestyle.

“I saw a lot of young men at the place living lavish lifestyles so I became inquisitive and asked how they did it. They told me that they visited shrines to support the business.


By: E. Abanga


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