VIDEO: Shemima of Date Rush Confesses Why She Did Not Her Baby’s Daddy

Advertised well proportioned member of now famous Sunday TV unscripted TV drama Shemima of Date Rush popularity has opened up about her relationship with her infant daddy.

In a meeting with Zion Felix on the “Whole Show” where she showed up with her new date from the show Ali, the 26-year-old uncovered that she was never hitched to her infant daddy.

She clarified that she has no correspondence with her infant daddy adding that it very well may be her refusal to wed him that has made him power outage on her.

For the motivation behind why she would not wed the dad of her six-year-old child, Shemima referenced that he was oppressive and exorbitantly desirous.

Because of his harmful way of life, her family even upheld her in her refusal to wed him. She rushed to add that regardless of this monstrous side of his,he was a decent man.

The meeting with blogger Zionfelix likewise dove into issues the shapely youngster didn’t uncover in front of an audience including the way that she is parent to a child.

Ali was left in stun on finding that his date Shemima Brown is a mother.

The two got combined on the Date Rush show in last Sunday’s scene. Be that as it may, in a new meeting, Ali was stunned deep down after Shemima broke the information on her child.

“I have one child and he’s 6 years,” Shemima told the host after he(the have) asked her.

She expressed that decided not to share that side of her life in front of an audience at Date Rush which is as it should be.

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She immediately added that she didn’t unveil anything about her child since Ali, her recently discovered man never asked her and that is for what reason she decided to make reference to it.

Ali on his part was alarmed by the news showed his mistake over her mysterious.

“You never revealed to me you have a child, You ought to have. In any event later through our energy, you might have advised me” Ali raged.

By the by, he kept up that he will attempt to adapt to the circumstance regardless of simply discovering.

Shemima likewise uncovered that Ali can’t deal with her products in the room and run helter cover when she moves toward his sanctuary.

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