Christiana Awuni Reveals How Ghanaians Accused Him Of Bernard Nyarko’s Death

Kumawood actress Christiana Awuni has noted with disappointment how some Ghanaians accused her of the death of actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko.

In an interview with Zion Felix on his Uncut show, the actress opined that Ghanaians are good at is fabricating and spreading fake news.

She stressed that fake news is made to appear so real.

During the interview, Christian Awuni shared her side of the story of how she took the news of the death of her former colleague Bishop Bernard Nyarko saying that she was hurt over the allegations leveled against her.

“Following the death of the late Bishop Bernard Nyarko, news kept going round on social media insinuating that I had a hand in the demise of my colleague. In fact, I was devastated. I was pained at how petty some Ghanaians could be”.

Christian Awuni went on to disclose that even though accusations leveled against her hurt her so much, she put her faith in God that all things would work out for her good.

“I held my peace through all the accusations and trolling from social media because I believe I would be vindicated by God eventually. You see at times, the best way to respond to certain allegations and negative comments about you is to keep silent. You will only worsen your case when you react hastily in anger”.

In the same interview, the actress has also gone on to reveal that actors of the popular 90s and 2000s hit television Key Soap Concert Party were considered promiscuous, and as such she didn’t want to venture into acting.

“I was into tie and dye (fabric) making. I didn’t want to go into acting at that time due to the stereotype surrounding the Key Soap Concert Party actors,” she said on Adom TV.

“There were a lot of negative rumors about actors who participate in Key Soap Concert Party. No one respected them at the time. Families could reject you if you join Key Soap Concert Party.”

“They believed Key Soap Concert Party actors were promiscuous. This is because they could tour for one to three years, and women were heavily involved in it. People created a bad image to the extent that it became nasty,” – she said.


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