Kennedy Agyapong Fires Dag Heward Mills Over Cursing Video

Outspoken Ghanaian politician and media personality, Hon Kennedy Agyapong has called out popular Ghanaian Bishop Dag Heward Mills over a video of him cursing his former church members.

According to the lawmaker, Bishop Dag Heward Mills is more than evil for raining curses on former church members in the presence of his congregants.

Kennedy Agyapong was reacting to a video where Bishop Dag Heward Mills was seen and heard cursing former pastors of Light House Chapel who have exited his church and taken to criticizing him over how he runs the church and the culture of his ministry.

“But why should a pastor curse someone for criticizing him. What a shame. What is going on in this country?

‘Is he not the one who has established churches in abroad?. A friend of mine has very intelligent kids and he has convinced all of them to leave Pentecost and become pastors in his church.

‘Brilliant boys who were engineers and accountants and I don’t know how he managed to convince them to become pastors in Lighthouse.” – He said.

In a piece of related news, G former pastors and Bishops of Dag Heward Mills’ Light House Church have come out to accuse him of exploitation, abuse, and the failure to pay their SSNIT contributions.

According to the six, the man of God has under the pretext of ministry used and exploited them whilst they were serving in his church.

They revealed with all the sacrifices they made to establish new branches of the church from their own pockets, investing all their time and resources when Bishop Dag Heward Mills refused to support them financially and didn’t pay their SSNIT.

To them, he went on to pile financial responsibility on them, including paying $1000 during their birthdays and Dag Heward Mills’ birthday.



By: Woyome

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