Prophet Kofi Oduro Rains Curses On Murderers Of His Friend

Founder and leader of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro has explained that evildoers will receive their punishment here on earth even before the final judgement by God Almighty.

According to maverick Pastor, the thieves and murderers I the country will not miss the judgement of God ‘even if the justices of the nation spare them’

His comments were inspired by news of the gruesome murder of Charles Korankye who lost his life after he was gunned down by some unidentified persons believed to be armed robbers.

Lamenting over the incident he explained that the attack happened in broad day light at Amanful in Takoradi last Monday.

‘There is no way the perpetrators of that crime will go scot-free. Do we look like cowards? We are prepared to die for this gospel.

The justices of this country can let you go but not the judgement and punishment of God’.

Prophet Kofi Oduro believes that the murder of Mr Charles Korankye was is a form of hire killing owing to how the act was fearlessly carried out in broad daylight.

He explains that he is well informed about the clandestine activities of some persons which gives him good reason to believe that the death of Mr Korankye was carefully orchestrated and planned by some evil people.

‘It wasn’t that he was shot to be injured, No! it was shoot and kill. Right in the chest. People toil their lives and raise some money and you people just shoot them and rob them of their wealth.

‘I am telling all those people you will suffer before you perish in hell. I am telling you. God will judge you until he finishes you up, you will be amazed and shocked.

‘When you ask they will say it is an armed robbery!’ Sources explain that the deceased and his wife had only returned from Switzerland to settle in the country only to meet his untimely death.


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