Sonnie Badu Releases New Brand Of T-Shirt To Blasts Critics

Celebrated international gospel artiste Sonnie Badu has courted media attention once again after outdooring a T-shirt brand with the inscription ‘Lions Over Frogs’ which he intends to sell to the general public.

While outdooring the T-shirt brand on his Instagram channel he noted that the proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be directed into paying the hospital bills of a friend of his battling sclerosis.

Taking to his Instagram channel he posted ‘“Lions over Frogs t-shirts are for sale to help my friend who has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

As we are in prayer believing God for his total healing, we have also decided to stand together and take action to help his family financially.

I am only printing 100 limited edition t-shirts to help raise $10,000 USD,” reads a caption by Badu about the fundraising for his friend. “Additionally, @therockhillchurch has committed to help with each one of his children’s education.

‘I want all my friends, supporters, and fans to participate in our endeavor to assist in helping my friend fight this battle… I will autograph each t-shirt and we will mail it to you. Please help by ordering your t-shirt today. May God Bless you all.’

The term ‘Lions Over Frogs’ is coined from an original statement made by the international singer after he was criticized for buying multiple honorary awards.

While responding to his critics he noted that ‘Lions do not responds to frogs’- a statement which later became very popular social media slang.



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