Policeman On The Run After Exhuming Over 10 Dead Bodies

A police officer is wanted for allegedly exhuming and making away with the mortal remains of about ten (10) bodies from the Gomoa Fawomaye Cemetery in the Central Region.

Throwing more light on the matter, the Odikro of the community, Nana Okofo Kwakye Abeka Acquah II explained that the said officer believed to be behind the abominable act was not from the community but came to the elders of the community requesting a piece of land for a constructional project.

According to Nana Okofo Acquah II, they had to turn him down because the land in question was a designated site for the town’s cemetery where several people had been buried for which reason it could not be given out.

According to the chief, they woke up the following day to be told that the recalcitrant officer had hired the services of some thugs and unexhumed several bodies from their graves, and defaced some of the epitaphs in the cemetery.

After inspection by some elders, and residents it came to light that more than 10 bodies and their remains had gone missing from their resting place.

It was also identified that the bodies that had gone missing were all people who had lost their lives through a recent accident in the community.

The Chiefs and Elders have since given an ultimatum of one week for the bodies to be returned to graves lest they invoke the wrath of the gods on the perpetrators.





By Edwin Abanga


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