Sadiq Abdulai Reveals How Much He Spent For 3 Music Awards

Speaking on Prime Morning, Monday, he said that an event of that magnitude required collaboration with numerous teams and organizations for its execution.

This year, Sadiq Abdulai and his team received major praise for a well planned and successful event.

‘We’ve had close to about 1000 people working on this project. One thousand people who were directly impacted by this

He revealed that the cost of the various performances shot on different sets including the opening performance by Medikal, Joey B, and Criss Waddle and the Osibisa tribute totaled about ¢300,000.

‘For the Yaw Tog and Kofi Jamar performance, the extras on the Yaw Tog part alone were about 30 boys.

‘Come to the Kweku Flick part, the extras were about 5, not forgetting the people that were producing it.

‘Take a look at the tribute performance, there were about 50 extras, all different people, everybody got paid, we never repeated the extras.’



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