Reggie Rockstone And Wife Cut Ties With Achimota School

Celebrated hiplife musician Reggie Rockstone and his wife Zilla Limann have announced that they have severed their ties with the Achimota school over the school’s reluctance to admit three Rastafarian students because of their dreadlocks.

Two celebrities who are both Rastafarians and old students of the Achimota School have expressed their and distaste over the schools ‘discriminatory posture’ against persons with dreadlocks.

Expressing his disappointment over the decision made by the school, which was backed but the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Mr. Reggie Rockstone noted that “Everything to do with Motown is on pause with me. Don’t call me for anything, don’t call me for no year group.

‘I like to go where I am welcome.” Commenting on the development, Zilla Limann, wife of Rockstone and also an old student of the Achimota Senior High School said ‘Motown is No-town’

The past few days have witnessed various schools of thought bothering around permitting Rastafarian students to wear their dreadlocks in school.

The Achimota Senior High School denied admission to three Rastafarian students because they wore dreadlocks which according to the school is against its code of conduct.

Commenting on the development, the President of the National Graduate Association (NAGRAT) Eric Angel Carbonu threw his weight behind the decision of the school.

He said “One does not understand why people want to turn our schools into deregulated institutions where people’s whims and caprices hold way.

The school is not a fashion environment, the school is not an environment to exhibit one’s religious beliefs.

The school is an environment for training and conformity is part of training,” Commenting on the development, Dr. Amoako Baah said the school cannot be compelled to admit the students.

“If the school insists that he has to cut it off, he has to cut it off. We make girls cut their hair and there’s a purpose for it. It’s not a matter of going there to do what you want. White people’s hair is not like our hair. We shouldn’t talk about it because we want to win points. If he wants an education, he should forget the hair. That’s it, very simple,”


By: Edwin Abanga

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