‘They Can’t Force Me To Cut My Hair’ -Tyron Marghuy Fires

Tyron Marghuy, one of the students at the heart of the controversy bothering around permitting Rastafari students to wear their dreadlocks in school, has announced that he will not under any circumstances cut off his hair for the sheer sake of gaining admission into the Achimota school.

He described the stance of the Achimota school to have him cut his hair before being given admission into the school as ‘discriminatory’.

According to him, keeping dreadlocks was part of his belief as a Rastafarian- a religion he associates with.

“As per my age, I go with my dad’s religion just as in every home. Because if your Mum or Dad has a religion, you as a kid, may want to go with your Dad’s religion.

So long as I’m under their shelter and care, I will want to go with their religion even if it will cost me my education.

Commenting on the development, Raswad Nkrabea, father of one of the students denied admission lamented that the Ghana Education Service (GES) deceived the general public with its press statement which sought to create the impression that it had directed the Achimota School to accept the students.

According to him the directive given by the GES was supposed to ease down tensions and bring the matter to rest but that was far from the truth.

‘it was fake, it was deception. What came out of the meeting is a disappointing situation because everything seems like a setup. It seems that the information that went out over the weekend that the GES has ordered the school to accept the children was just a way to keep the school media activism down’

He added, “The first thing that [came] from the Assistant Director was that he did not understand why there was so much uproar on social media, and social media activism; he did not understand why immediately the news came out, it was so massive.”


By: Edwin Abanga


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