VIDEO: Oheneba Ntim Barima Wants To Kill Me – Blind Historian, Bulgaria Reveals

A blind Ghanaian historian who goes by the name of Bulgaria has made some interesting revelations concerning his recent feud with the famous doctor, Oheneba Ntim Barima.

During an interview with ZionFelix, the blind historian said that he cannot go around destroying the name of Oheneba since he’s been helped by the doctor several times.

However, he has realized that there are some things that the doctor is spewing that he, Bulgaria, has to come out to say something about it, according to him.

He went on to address some of the claims made by Oheneba where he said that Bulgaria was claiming that no one took care of him when he was taken to the school of the blind.

According to Bulgaria, his mother had died and his father was down with a stroke so he called on Kofi Adoma from Hot FM to help him which he did.

He continued that he was taken to Peace FM but no help came from there, however, that was when he met Oheneba who helped him through his time in school.

He then went on to reveal that he had to leave the house because Oheneba sacked him from the house.

When asked why he said that he went for an even on Oman FM and went on to another program and because he did not ask for permission.

He then continued by saying that an insider called him to tell him Oheneba’s wife told him something about him which made Oheneba furious.

Bulgaria then said that anytime that Oheneba would insult him, he would make reference to his mother who had passed away, and his problems.

Bulgaria then said that that he had the last straw when he was accused of insulting Oheneba on live radio so he decided never to go back to the house.

He also said that he feels threatened and now he is suffering from psychological trauma.

This and many more are the things he revealed in the video below:



By: Samuel Arthur

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