Aggrieved Voltarians Register Their Displeasure Over ‘Offensive’ Text Book Publication

Members of the Volta Region Students Association of Ghana (VORSAG) were left with no option but to suspend a planned burning of some copies of the new controversial textbooks intended for primary schools after a team of police officers barricaded and corded of the Ministry of Education.

The Association was taking the action to demonstrate and register their displeasure and to also join calls for the withdrawal of the supposed textbooks.

The textbooks – History of Ghana published by Badu Nkansah Publications and Golden English by Okyere Baafi Alexander – have generated controversy, especially among Ewes over some of the citations. For example, one attributed ‘Juju’ to an Ewe called ‘Efo’ in a sentence.

Among the scores of notable persons who have registered their displeasure in the regrettable publication include the Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Hon Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa.

While expressing his disgust over the regrettable publication, Mr. Ablakwa noted that It is clear that these publications have caused public uproar and outrage and as a Member of Parliament from the region, I thought it wise to file an urgent question requesting the minister responsible for education to come and respond to questions as to how these books found their way into our schools.

‘There is an agency called National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NACAA) which is the gatekeeper and must ensure that before books are placed in the hands of our innocent children those books meet standards, that those books are authorised so that our children are not miseducated and are not polluted.’

“All of those things appeared to have been violated. The Children have been left at the mercy of people who are only interested in profiteering.

‘I have seen the apology from Badu Nkansah publications and honestly, it is an apology of an apology.

‘They are not taking responsibility. They say they do not know how the books found their way onto the market.

“Even if you look at the quality of the statement, they got the grammar wrong and with all the typos you will wonder if these people should even be qualified to be publishers.”


By: Edwin Abanga



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