Engage In Pre-marital Sex Before You Settle Down – Bro Sammy Advises

Controversial Gospel Musician, Bro Sammy is in the news again  over some comments concerning “ Pre-marital s*x”

According to him, it is very good for young couples to have pre-marital s*x before finally settling down.

He added that pre-marital s*x makes it possible for partners to check their s*xual compatibility

He added that knowing the p*nis and v*gina size of a couple makes it easy for people to cope with it rather than find out later.

Interestingly many people find it very difficult to accept some of these things from bro Sammy has he is a minister of  God and the bible kicks against those things.

He has been involved in a lot controversy over the period.

He has fought a lot of his colleagues notably amongst them is his fight with Cecila Amarfo among many others.

The beef between the two has been on the lips of many people.

Cecilia Amarfo once slapped Brother Sammy claiming to be under the influence of the holy spirit.

This attracted a lot of back and forth between the two artistes.

Brother Sammy after the incident released more secrets concerning Cecilia Amarfo.

According to bro Sammy, Cecilia Amarfo slept with her driver and two pastors and also accused her of trying to destroy the Ghanaian gospel music industry.

He further revealed that Cecilia Marfo’s church has collapsed and that her agenda now is to get into the gospel music industry and destroy’

He later described Cecilia Amarfo’s prophecies as Satanic.

He later accused her of being possessed by evil spirits and not the Holy Spirit as she claims.

Cecilia Amarfo too has been in the news for various reasons.

It is alleged that she has been spitting into his church member’s throat.

She recently   in the news following her attack on Joyce blessings.


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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