OMG!! Drama As Two Teachers Beat Each Other Over An Intern’s Love

A teacher has been left battling for his life after he fought another teacher over an intern.

The victim is said to have been slashed in the head, arms, and fingers by his colleague at Karoti Girls’ High School.

Reports say both teaches were fighting over the same woman, an intern on teaching practice.

The two rivals took things to another level as they got physical with things.

The suspect among the two is said to have reached for a panga and hacked the rival in the head, arms, and fingers.

The victim  was  immediately rushed to a local hospital for urgent treatment

After which the suspect was arrested

“We are conducting our investigations to establish what caused the fight. However, the teachers we interrogated at Karoti Girls’ High School said the pair had fallen out after realizing they were both interested in the same woman; an intern on teaching practice at the school,” Police report revealed.

Some men just disgrace the gender.

How can you fight over an intern you are supposed to mentor.

It is because of men like these that people get involved with children without any guilt.

How can an intern cause such havoc in a school where children are being taught?

What at all are these teachers passing down to these children.

It pathetic that people who are supposed to teach the children to do the right thing are messing up right in front of them

These two, both the victim and the suspect must not be left off the hook.

They must lose their license immediately for the disgrace they have put the teaching profession in.

Now some students can stand up against teachers of some dirties like these.



By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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