VIDEO: You’ll Suffer Before You Die!!! – Rev. Obofour Descends On Evangelist Papa Shee

Famous Ghanaian prophet, Rev. Obofour, has come out to descend heavily upon Evangelist Papa Shee.

According to him, he has not seen any man of God enter the presence of lesser gods neither has he seen any man of God trash other men of God as the evangelist does.

He continued that when someone goes mad he or she begins to claim that he or she is an evangelist. He also said that such people always suffer before they die.

He went on to curse such prophets like Papa Shee along with their generations. He went on to attack his critics who attacked him for showing off his wealth and went on to say that these people should never show off their wealth as well because the moment they do, the curses of God will fall on them.

He also said that there are some prophets who have divided the church to the extent that when Christians leave their churches they cannot enter other churches.

Rev. Obofour went on to say that many prophets have been accused of being occultic because they share some of their wealth with other people.

He also went on to say that Papa Shee was mad and then begun to pray against various prophets who speak against him by calling on God to kill all of them and give them all sorts of sickness.

However, renowned fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa, has also come out to react to what Rev. Obofour said on his show.

According to her, Rev. Obofour claimed that pastors and prophets who believe they are from God should bring their serial numbers to him.

She then dared Rev. Obofour to bring his serial number first since he claims that true men of God should have their serial numbers.

She also said that she has the power of God inside of her to do God’s work, however, because of money she has decided to halt doing God’s work.



By: Samuel Arthur


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