Gay Party Coming Up On 6th March – Ibrah One Discloses & MORE

Controversial Ghanaian businessman, Ibrah One, has come out with 10 prophecies believing them to be bound to happen in the near future.

According to him, Ghana will commence its first gay party on March 6, and this will be the time for him to expose some of the prominent people who were behind the legalization of the LGBTQI.

In another prophecy, Ibrah One said that the American President, Joe Biden, will pass away before his second term.

He made all of this and more in his new Snapchat post. Ibrah One has been known to be quite controversial to the extent that he almost ended up being arrested for threatening Kennedy Agyapong and President Nana Akufo Addo.

His brother reached out to Kennedy in hopes of pleading with him and telling him of the mental condition that Ibrah was facing.

However, Ibrah One came out to deny that he was mentally ill and said that he meant what he said. Till now, it seems that there has been no arrest.

Despite it all, it would seem that Ibrah One is not in support of the LGBTQI movement which has recently taken Ghana by storm.

Many have expressed their utter disappointment at the Ghanian government for allowing such a group to roam free in Ghana.

There has been a petition for LGBTQI to be legalized in Ghana, however, this has caused controversy and may have ended up fight one another over the issue.

A number of celebrities including Sister Derby, Ignatius Annor, and others have come out to back the LGBTQI.

Recently, the Fante rapper, Pappy Kojo, came forwards as a gay person and his coming out has earned him several backlashes.

One may wonder what would ensue if LGBTQI was legalized in Ghana.

Coming back to Ibrah One, check out his post below:




By: Edwin Abanga

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