MYSTERIOUS!! Man Comes Back Alive After Drowning For A Week

Residents of Goi in the West Ada District of the Greater Accra Region have been left in shock after a man they believed to have been drowned reappeared a week after the incident.

According to reports, the man a 42-year-old Livingston Amornortey Sebi, on February 14, 2020 got missing when he went swimming after attending a funeral.

After news of his drowning traveled through the community, some youth searched for his corpse along the Eastern coast of the region proved futile but only his clothes were found at the beach.

To the surprise of many, at around 1 am, the young man reappeared at the beach with a white cloth around his waist and a knife hanging on him.

Sharing what happened to him, the man claims that he was led by two old men from an unknown destination who clothed him with white attire.

Unfortunately, he left upon reaching the community beach.

The man is said to have requested to see three relatives for a reason best known to him but the elders declined.

He has since been sent to his residence at Ashaiman, while community priests perform rites to make him stable as well as search for the mystery behind his disappearance and subsequent return.

Some residents were of the view that the incident was a planned one, but others feel the man was being punished by some gods for doing something wrong.

As of now, little is known of what actually happened to the man.

what a strange world we live in.

Although this looks like a spiritual thing, what if the guy did not go inside the sea but was kidnapped?

There are a lot of people who have evil plans against people.

But is truly this man went missing in the sea then we have a lot of thigs to be scared about in this life.



By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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