Diana Hamilton Takes COVID-19 Vaccine Shot In U.K

Renowned Ghanaian gospel musician, Diana Antwi Hamilton, has taken the COVID-19 vaccine shot in the United Kingdom (UK).

The gospel musician shared a video of herself taking the shot in an unknown hospital.

“Family, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the question. So I had my Covid-19 jab a few weeks ago. Why? Let’s meet on Facebook at 6:30pmGMT and be real with each other. I miss you plenty”, she wrote on her page while posting the video.

So far, Diana Hamilton happens to be the only Ghanaian musician celebrity who has taken the COVID-19 shot and has publicly shared it for everyone to see.

The government of Ghana has announced the first batch of the vaccine and has urged the public to come for their shots.

However, this vaccine has brought up some controversies which have stopped many Ghanaians from taking the vaccine.

The likes of the religious leader who goes by the name of “Kyiriabosom” have used his television station as a means to urge Ghanaians not to take the vaccine over some theories of his own.

Many have also taken to their various platforms to speak of some scary things in order to prevent Ghanaians from taking the vaccine.

It would seem that the likes of Diana Hamilton have shown that they are not afraid of the conspiracy theories spun by the masses.

The Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, said that the government has targetted 20 million people for the exercise which has been planned to take place between March and October 2021.

This means that Ghanaians everywhere are expected to take the shots in order to reduce the risk of the pandemic spreading further.

The pandemic has taken many lives and has brought many economies to their knees.


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