Any Church That Punishes You For Early Pregnancy Is Evil – Counselor Lutterodt

Once again, the controversial Ghanaian advisor, Counselor Lutterodt has come out with another controversial statement concerning the church.

It has been a norm for a number of churches to punish people who have ended up pregnant out of wedlock.

It is done by publicly shaming them and then, in some churches, the person is stripped of a title and sent to sit at the back for all the congregation to know of their sin.

However, Counselor Lutterodt has disagreed with the practice by tagging the practitioners as wicked people.

During an interview on Okay FM’s “Best Entertainment Show” with the host, Halifax Ansah-Addo, the counselor said that such a practice was not appropriate.

“Any church that treats its member in such a manner is wicked, it’s called primitive weakness inducted analogy. They’re all lost. Any church that tells people that, you’ve committed a sin by getting pregnant before marriage is lost. The sort of sin the church looks for is a dogma so that, you’ll follow their rules of engagement not the rules of life.

“There are two things – even in law, there are legal practice and legal law. We have the doctrine for the church and the dogma for the church.

“Normally they do that and forget the social stigma they bring on the unborn child.”

He then continued by saying, “Having s*xual intercourse with anybody before you marry is a personal choice; it has never been a crime anywhere. If you have self-control, go ahead and test.

‘If you don’t have self-control, don’t test it at all, because the challenge is that self-control, it’s the management of your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions, so, the bible says you need self-control so that you don’t fall victim to any of these things.

‘People who are having s*xual intercourse and not made babies have never been caught and it means they’re practicing self-control.”



By: Samuel Arthur

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