Will Funny Face Ever Get Better? Akrobeto Reacts To Funny Face’s Situation

Renowned Ghanaian comedian and actor, Akwesi Boadi, famously known in the entertainment industry as Akrobeto has also brought out his reaction to the current situation of the Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face.

Not so long ago, the comedian Funny Face was arrested and sent to court for firing a gun during an altercation with an owner of a pub.

The Ofankor police officers were tasked with sending the celebrity to the psychiatric hospital for two weeks to find out more about his mental health.

Funny Face has not been in his best moment recently since the year 2020. This began when his wife and children left him alone after a brutal fight between the couples.

The comedian began using social media as a means of sharing his problem with the rest of Ghanaians. Not long after, he began engaging in feuds with other celebrities blaming them for the separation between him and his wife.

One of the people who were blamed was the Ghanaian radio presenter, Maame Yeboah Asiedu. According to Funny Face, the radio presenter advised his wife to leave him, however, his wife said the opposite.

As he got lost in himself, the Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor, advised the comedian to stop his ranting on social media but he would not stop due to how close they were as friends. This led to the footballer having to cut all relations with the comedian.

According to Akrobeto, such incidents are always news to him because he does not use a smartphone. He also explained that he wants peace of mind and that is why he stays away from smartphones.

“Our director Fadda Dickson forcefully removed my SIM card from my phone and inserted it in his smartphone insisting that I must use it…”, he said.

He then said that he advised Funny Face about his current lifestyle hoping that the comedian would change for the better, but he is now hoping that his encounter with the psychiatric hospital will change things.

However, one may wonder if indeed, things would be changing for the better for the comedian.


By: Samuel Arthur

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