Stop Going To Boutiques, They Sell Demons – Ajaguraja

Ghanaian religious personality, Ajaguraja, has come out to speak against some things going on in Ghana.

During an interview with ZionFelix, the religious personality spoke about how some of the viewers who commented on their previous chat would make some harsh comments about him.

According to him, some of those viewers claimed that he stinks and wondered how ZionFelix was able to get closer to him to talk.

Ajaguraja said that he believes that many people think he is a village person and doesn’t know anything, however, he knows a lot and is a rich person, however, he does not see the need to show off anyway.

He then said that he loves perfumes a lot and does not stink at all. He continued that the things he has are not his but for the deity he serves and because of that, he does not show off a lot.

ZionFelix then asked if he can visit his house the next time they talk and the religious personality agreed. However, he said that when people see the house that he has, they would be shocked.

He continued that some people sometimes ask how he was able to acquire those things and it is not surprising for him.

He then said that during his birthday he received 10 iPhone 12. he then went on to talk more about certain things in the spirit realm.

He then said that people should be careful when going to the boutique. According to him, bad luck transmits from people into objects, and when someone buys it, he or she gets bad luck.

He then prescribed some things that people should do in order to stop those things. This and many more did he reveal during the interview with ZionFelix.

By: Samuel Arthur

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