Eugene Arhin’s Wife Is A Disgrace – Counselor Lutterodt

Controversial Ghanaian personality, Counselor George Lutterodt, has said that the wife of the Director of Communication at the Presidency, Eugene Arhin, is a total disgrace to women.

For some time, social media was in an uproar over the petition for a divorce by the wife of Eugene Arhin and in that petition, the wife, who goes by the name, Gloria Arhin, claimed that her husband was abusing her, and due to that, she wanted a divorce.

In the petition, the wife also stated some properties she would want to be shared between them due to the reason that those properties were acquired during their time in marriage.

Gloria listed 16 flats at Bubuashie which is owned by Eugene Arhin, another 16 flats at Weija, a 16-Storey building at Teshie, and a house at AU Village.

She also wanted a House at La, Senya Bereku, and a waterfront in Ada Foah. A 5-bedroom house at East Legon which is known to be the matrimonial home of the couple on a 2 plot of land at East Legon and a 3K barbering shop at Teshie.

A number of cars were also listed which included one Ford F150, Toyota Avalon GR 7108-18, Toyota Lexus GE 4646-18, Toyota Tundra GE7108-18, and a Hyundai Elantra GE 4646-19.

During an interview on the “Best Entertainment Show”, hosted by Halifax Ansah-Addo on Okay FM, Counselor Lutterodt said that any man who gets married to this woman or any woman like her will die soon because they won’t be able to handle the damage dealt with them by su8ch a woman.

“… If Mrs. Arhin is the one who leaked the writ on social media then she’s a disgrace. A writ is served by the court and must not be made public anyway.

‘If Eugene is the one who leaked it then fine case or the sender from the court, somebody can investigate to know who actually posted this but I stand by my grounds that, if it’s the wife who leaked the documents then it’s not cool.

‘There’s a law in marriage call spouse security and it does not devour anywhere,” he said.



By: Samuel Arthur

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