Sakawa Or What?! – Fan Dares Medikal To Reveal The Source Of His Money

A fan has come out to dare the Ghanaian musician, Medikal, to reveal the true source of his wealth so his followers can use those means to make some money and stop begging.

Medikal is branded as one of the richest Ghanaians artists and but there are a number of people who believe that he did not make his money and wealth from his music only.

Therefore, some people have speculated that there must be a hidden source of income for the rapper. Some have even come out to allege that the rapper has been using ‘Sakawa’ as a means to make his money.

A fan, who was curious and anxious to stop poverty in his life, took to social media to ask the musician, to reveal his true source of money so he can also stop begging in his life.

However, Medikal replied to the fan saying that he should look for his own money and stop begging or else he would make poverty his portion forever.

Not so long ago, Medikal’s new enemy in the music industry, Teephlow, claimed that he does not believe that Medikal made all of his money and wealth from his music.

According to him, during the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, Ghanaian artists were finding it difficult to make any money, and even through that, Medikal was still showing off money and wealth on social media.

He then concluded that there is something else the musician is doing that is gaining him a lot of money. Not long after, some fans are trying to know more about his money-making methods.

However, Medikal recently came out to say that Teephlow has always been jealous of him, and due to that, he can never stop thinking about how he makes his money.


By Samuel Arthur




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