VIDEO: My Wife Bites Me When She Is Cumming During S*x – Rev. Obofour Discloses Relationship Secrets

Renowned prophet, Rev. Obofour, has disclosed some secrets about his relationship with his wife.

During Valentine’s Day, various celebrities came out to reveal a lot about their love for each other. In a recent interview, the prophet spoke about their relationship as husband and wife and more.

According to Rev. Obofour, the reason he got to propose to his wife, Queen Ciara, was her backside. He continued that when he saw his wife’s backside, he could not resist.

His wife also revealed that she got married to her husband at the age of 22. she continued that when she met the prophet, she was skeptical about marrying her and she did not even know that he was working as a prophet.

Rev. Obofour also disclosed that when it some to s*xual intercourse, his wife is a beast in bed. He then revealed that he had cameras in the room so anytime they engage in s*x, they can watch the results together.

He then said that he and his wife always share responsibilities together. He continued that he always makes sure that his wife does not take the workload alone.

When he was asked about his favorite s*x position, the prophet did not answer, however, he threw the mantle to his wife which they laughed over for a while.

The prophet was then asked who screams during s*x and Rev. Obofour responded that his wife does not moan loudly but she always bites him whenever she has reached ecstasy.

The interviewer asked if they ever fought due to how happy they were always looking whenever they were seen together and the prophet revealed that there were times they argue but it was never anything serious.

This and many more were revealed in the interview. Take a look at the video below:



By: Samuel Arthur


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