Funny Face Sentenced To Two Weeks In Psychiatric Hospital

The confused Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face, some hours earlier, was arrested once again and this time, sent to the Ofankor Circuit court.

However, information has been released that the comedian, Funny Face has been sentenced to two weeks at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for treatment.

The court which was presided by his Honor, Ebenezer Osei Darko, was the one who gave the order. According to him, Funny Face is living under mental stress and therefore needs immediate attention from the mental ward.

Funny Face was arrested not long ago for firing a gun which, according to him, was a way he was defending himself.

After his arrest, he then came out to reveal that the police officers who arrested him while he was on his way to the pharmacy, beat him up and dragged him to the station to have a part 2 of the beating session.

A video of how the arrest was made was released on social media and all who saw the video sympathized with the comedian.

Various Ghanaian celebrities took to social media to condemn the acts of the police officers, however, it would seem that the comedian did not see what was going on as he took to social media to blast Ghanaian celebrities.

According to him, when the George Floyd incident happened, many Ghanaian celebrities from Ghana protested, however, when their fellow Ghanaian celeb was in darkness, they neglected him.

This forced the famous musician, Shatta Wale, to take to social media to rain insults on the comedian. Not long after, the renowned actor, Salinko, also took to social media to ask the comedian to stop with his videos before he ends up going too far.

Funny Face, who did not like what Salinko said, took to social media to rain massive insults on him.

Now he has been sentenced to a mental institution for further research. It would seem that Funny Face is living in dangerous times.


By: Samuel Arthur


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