Partey Tells The Differences Between Arsenal And Ath. Madrid

Thomas Partey believes that the two coaches have “the winning mentality” in common, but are different in their approach to games. He indicated that at Arsenal high pressure is used while counter-attack is utilised by Diego Simeone.

“Here you always have to take into account which teammate has the ball, with whom you are in line, and with whom you are not.

‘This way of playing is helping me. Both Arteta and Simeone want to be in control,” he said.

“The difference is that here we don’t give opportunities, we push up. We always do high pressure, from the first minute to the end.

‘At Atletico, sometimes you had to wait for the rival to get close and then press to go against it,”

Although Partey feels comfortable at Arsenal, he does not forget how much Cholo has given him in his career.

“He has done and continues to do a great job. For me, on a personal level, he has helped me a lot by getting me to have a stronger mentality, to be able to fight for everything. You have to be ready to play in any position,”

“I remember there was a season when I had to play as a right back. I was not happy but it was the only opportunity to play with what I accepted, I prepared myself and went for it. He taught me a lot,” he ended.

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