He Lied! – KiDi Exposes Guru For Claiming He Was Begged For “Lapaz Toyota” Remix

Amidst the ongoing controversy concerning the Ghanaian musicians, Guru and Kuami Eugene, another bomb has been dropped about Guru.

Young Ghanaian musician and Lynx Entertainment signee, KiDi, has come out to reveal something controversial about Guru and his “Lapaz Toyota” remix.

According to the young musician, Guru was lying when he said that he was begged for a remix of the “Lapaz Toyota” song.

Speaking during an interview on Hitz FM, KiDi said that Guru was not speaking the truth about the matter because neither he nor Kuami Eugene even approached him for any collaboration for the “Lapaz Toyota” song.

KiDi came out to make such a clarification after the rapper, Guru, came out to claim that both Kuami Eugene and KiDI came to him to beg for a collaboration for the song’s remix.

This whole controversy began when Kuami Eugene refused Guru a collaboration for a song over the reason that Guru had been disrespecting his manager, Ricchie.

People were surprised at what Kuami Eugene said because collaboration between these two would be a massive event.

However, Guru came out to put Kuami Eugene in his place telling him of the success he’s had in previous years.

Ricchie, who did not want any feud between Kuami Eugene and Guru, took to social media to clarify that his client did not do anything wrong by addressing him in that way and there was no insult in what he said.

However, according to Ricchie, he would make sure to put his client in his place if he insulted Guru in any way due to Guru being an elder to Kuami Eugene.

Ghanaian rapper, Teephlow, also came out to blast Guru telling him that he stole his shine with the “Alkaida” dance claiming that he was the only one who brought it up.

However, another renowned rapper, Medikal, was around to put Teephlow in his place. Medikal tagged him as a dumb person for blaming Guru when he has not done anything to stand out as a musician.


By: Samuel Arthur

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