Van Vicker Blasts Ghana Police Over Manhandling Funny Face During Arrest

Renowned Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker has expressed his utmost disappointment in the Ghana Police for the way they maltreated the Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face.

The recent viral video of the comedian has gotten many sharing their views on whether Funny Face really deserved to be treated in such a manner.

In the video, a group of police officers was seen dragging the comedian into their vehicle with force which was believed to be a bad way to handle an arrest especially when the person being arrested is cooperating.

Van Vicker, upon seeing what transpired in the video, spoke out that he did not understand the reason son why the police would treat Funny Face in such a way when there was no reason for them to do so.

He continued that the police could have handled the situation in a civil manner and said that although people who have broken the laws of the country must face the music, they cannot be treated with brutality.

The actor took to his social media page to write a long speech of how he felt about the situation.

This morning, a video went viral where the comedian was weeping about the way that the police officers treated him when he was being arrested. According got reports, he was arrested for firing a gun.

He continued to talk about his disappointment in them and even went on to rain some insults on them for what they did.

Despite the things that the comedian did, police officers have protocols that they must follow when making an arrest and these protocols include not using force when it is not necessary.

There have been a number of incidents where police officers were making arrests and they did not follow protocol, however, they have not been punished.

It is not surprising that these police officers will not get punished despite what had transpired.

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By: Samuel Arthur

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