I’m The Most Popular Ghanaian Musician Around The World – Patapaa

Ghanaian musician, Patapaa, has bragged that he is the most popular Ghanaian musician around the world which is quite weird.

Speaking to Sammy Baah Flex on Zylofon FM with his wife, Patapaa said that he believes that there is no doubt that he is the most popular Ghanaian artiste in the world due to his hit song “One Corner”.

During the interview, the musician was asked if he was going to stay in Germany permanently with his German wife, Liha since she will soon be going back to work.

Patapaa responded that he was going to meet his wife from time to time and his wife was also going to do the same.

He then said that the weather in Europe is not friendly and due to this, he cannot live there for long.

He also said that his skin becomes extremely hard anytime he visits Europe and it is always due to their weather.

Patapaa’s marriage to his wife, Liha, has spun a number of controversies over the months.

During an interview with ZionFelix on the “Uncut Show”, Liha revealed that her relationship with Patapaa was not an easy thing.

She revealed that there were a number of people in Germany who looked down on her due to her relationship with Patapaa being an African.

However, she also said that her family was not against it although some were skeptical of the musician marrying her since some of them did not trust Patapaa to fulfill his promise.

When she was asked about her experience with Patapaa’s family, she said that it was more than she expected.

She said that the family treated her with respect and this was not how her husband was treated during his time in Germany.


By: Samuel Arthur

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