OMG!! Man Divorces Wife After Argument With Mother-In-Law Over ‘Greetings”

A man has reportedly divorced his wife over a misunderstanding with his mother-in-law.

Reports say, the misunderstanding was a result of the man’s refusal to greet his mother-in-law who in turn prevented him from meeting his children.

In a video posted online, the said man is seen moving his belongings while telling his wife that it’s over between them because her mother denied him access to their kids just because he didn’t come into her house to greet her.

The troubled wife was seen trying to calm him down but he refused.

He asked his wife how many times she has called his own mother that hers should penalize him for not greeting her.

His wife told him they could settle it as friends but he refused.

According to the man he is never coming back to her, He further informed the wife that she has called the cops on him before and taken him to court and he asked if friends do that to each other.

He further stated that they can still be in each other’s lives since they have 3 kids together but they don’t necessarily have to live together.

He, however, made his plan to run a DNA test on one of their kids because he recalls her telling a nurse to his face that the child isn’t his.

What is this era of doing a DNA test on children, why are people very wicked like that.

I just do not understand why some women can just not be faithful to one man.

It is a great shame that some women will allow another man aside their husband to have s*x with them, even to the extent of getting pregnant.

Aside from that they shameless watch their husband caters to the children.

This is a big disgrace to womanhood.


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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