Hon. Muntaka Opens Up About His Past; Tells Of His Childhood Defects

Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka, the Member of Parliament for Asawase has told an inspirational ‘grass to grace’ story of his childhood days.

According to the lawmaker, as a growing child, he suffered from sight problems, could not hear properly, and was mute after childbirth.

His frail condition made his family wonder if he would survive childhood at all.

He made this known while speaking in an interview on radio where he talked about his mother’s childlessness in marriage.

He said: ‘My father married seven wives and my mother was the 3rd but she run around the house for almost seven years without giving birth and they were contemplating if they should divorce her.

‘But my grandfather was hopeful the time will come for her to give birth and when the time finally came, I was given birth to.

‘I had a sight problem, hearing problem and I could not speak till I was four.

That condition, he explained, made him a special child, stating that that is why people sometimes don’t understand his behaviour.

Though Alhaji Muntaka said he did not know what could have caused his condition, he bemoaned the rivalry among the wives was very tough.


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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