‘Accra Girls’ Moesha Boduong Drops Jaws With Childhood Photo

The social media sensation, Moesha Boduong, has gotten fans on social media excited as she shows off her childhood photos.

A lot of Ghanaians have claimed that the social media vixen has been surgically improving her backside, however, despite the fact that these rumors might be true, her childhood picture tells different stories.

In a photo she posted on her page, Moesha is in her Accra Girls Senior High uniform posing in front of the camera while sitting on a chair.

Her thick thighs and protruding hips show that she has been with such a form for some time.

Moesha gained her spot in the limelight when she got herself into some backlash during a controversial interview on CNN.

Speaking to the host of the show, Christine Amanpour, she spoke of the harsh life in Ghana which has forced her to become a slay queen.

“In Ghana, our economy is such a way that you need someone to take care of you. You can’t make enough money as a woman here.

‘Because even when you want to get an apartment, in Ghana they take two years’ advance and I just started working where will I get money to pay?”, she said.

Her comment caused a lot of backlash to the extent that the host of the interview had to come out to apologize on her behalf.

“I want people to recognize Moesha’s right to speak up and the courage she showed by sharing such intimate details about her personal life.

‘As a woman and a journalist, I’m hurt and angry to see such an innocent woman condemned by the press and by many people on social media in this way.

‘It’s to the point that Moesha is not sure she can return to Ghana safely.

‘I am so surprised to see this happening in Accra, a city that has rightly got so much attention recently for being one of the most economically and politically successful capitals in Africa.

‘Indeed I was heartened while I was in Accra, listening to a speech by the President himself, defending the rights of the free press to report fully, accurately, and fairly,” Christine Amanpour said.

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By: Samuel Arthur

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