SHOCKING!! Two Preachers Captured Fighting Over Spot


Two -preachers have been caught  tearing themselves apart  over a preaching spot in Nigeria

In a viral video, the female preacher was seen charging at the male preacher and hurling abuses on him while the man was firing hot ”prayers” against her.

This is very serious for two preachers to fight over such a minimal issue.

I don’t think they are both called by God if not they won’t do what they are doing.

It is so unacceptable for workers of the kingdom to do such things.

In other news, a daughter has reportedly   married her own father after having s3x with him.

The woman is said to have spent their wedding night dismembering her ex-boyfriend.

The suspect, Amanda McClure and her dad Larry McClure got married and almost a month after they murdered Amanda’s boyfriend Thomas McGuire, 38.

Anna Marie Choudhary , sister to the suspect said she acted as a witness for her father and sister’s wedding and helped cover-up their incestuous wedding. She said: ‘They took me and said I needed to act like a happy witness.’

Explaining what happened next, Choudhary told of how McGuire’s body was exhumed and dismembered ‘that very night they were married.’

Choudhary added that Larry McClure wanted to sell his house, and decided to rebury McGuire’s remains in two separate places to minimize the chances of them being found by its new owner.

The McClures ‘went on like nothing had happened’ after beating and drugging McGuire to death and ‘started having a relationship as soon as he was buried.’

Choudhary faces up to 40 years in jail after striking a plea deal that saw her admit second-degree murder. Larry McClure was jailed for life without parole last August, with Amanda McClure jailed for 40 years in October 2020, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported.


By: Naa Ayorokor Laryea

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