Researchers Call For Random Testing Of Covid-19 New Variant

Dr. John Amuasi, a Senior Research Fellow at the Global Health and Infectious Diseases Research Group has said that the new variant of the coronavirus is responsible for the recent surge in coronavirus infections and increased deaths in the country.

He has called on the government to set routine surveillance sites across the country to better assess the situation on the ground.

Dr. Amuasi noted that the testing needed to be randomly done on a regular basis so that we can truly measure the rate of spread.

He said this process would be critical in formulating public health measures because the country is currently not testing enough.

So, what about the myriads that will be ill but will not go to the hospital and the myriads and that will be infected but will not be overtly ill?

It should tell you that what we see is only the tip of the iceberg,”

More than 13 persons have lost their lives most recently following the sudden surge of the coronavirus in the country.

Ghana currently has a record of 3,940 active cases of Covid-19 after recording 625 new infections in a single week. Though the government has said the surge in cases is due to the continuous breach of mandatory safety protocols.

Dr. Amuasi believes the new variant may be responsible for the worsening situation with the virus in Ghana.

“There is an additional factor in there which is accounting for the increased spread and especially the increased number of deaths and I don’t see anything else but the new variant.”


By: Edwin Abanga


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