INTERESTING!! Woman Performs 0ral S*x On Thief Until Police Arrested Him

A woman reportedly gave a thief who was stealing from a petrol station and attacking staff a blow j0b to distract him.

According to reports, the man reportedly tried to steal from the gas station and tried to attack staffs.

As the employee opened the cash register, the suspect immediately took the money from it and punched the staff member several times before the staff managed to escaped through the back door to call the police

During his operation, an unknown woman is said to have walked up to him, and began satisfying him orally until police arrived and then detained the suspect.

Police officers grabbed the man, half-naked lying on the floor, with the woman saying something “I don’t take him anymore.”

Officers said the thief didn’t manage to get the money and was taken into custody.

Many people have expressed shock as to why the woman will use an unusual method.



By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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