Gov’t Workers Will Receive 12.5% Salary Increment- Education Minister

The Minister of Education Designate Hon. Adutwum has finally spoken about the 12.5% salary increment of all government workers.

Just recently news went viral all the country concerning the incremental jump on the salaries of government workers.

But it now seems the government has not delivered its promise.

Speaking in an interview, the Minister of Education, designate Hon. Adutwum said emphatically clear that there will surely be an increment of the salaries of government workers and that the government is making the necessary preparation to add the 12.5% incremental jump to workers.

‘I am in the Education Ministry and I can say for sure that teachers are going to receive the 12.5% increment,” he said.

Since the New Patriotic Party (NPP) came into power, there has been an annual incremental jump on the salaries of all government workers. and we hope this promise should be fulfilled.

In other news, it has been revealed by the Gender Ministry that it’s totally wrong to give your children to someone else to take care of them for you.

The ministry explained that according to Ghana’s laws, it is illegal to do so.

It is known that it is a common practice in Ghana for poor families to offer their children to others to take care of them while the children in turn provide domestic assistance to the caretaker family.

There is often no documentation covering the arrangement. Despite common knowledge that most children offered under such arrangement suffer abuses, the practice has largely remained in place in many parts of the country.

Explaining in an interview, Deputy Director and Head, Central Adoption Authority of the ministry Stephen Dombo said it is also wrong for people to nurse pregnant women just so they could adopt the babies.

“It’s illegal to take your child and hand him/her to another person to take care of him/her.

‘You bring the child to the social welfare. There are people who’ll encourage some young women to carry their babies and adopt after they deliver and that’s illegal.

“I feel that people need to be educated. If they’re educated, they’ll not do the things they’re doing.

‘For example, if you pick an abandoned child, you don’t keep the child, you report to the police,” he said.

The development comes on the back of the baby harvesting syndicate which was busted last week.


By: Edwin Abanga

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