Shatta Wale Talks About Moment He Almost Got Jailed For 25years

Famous Ghanaian dancehall musician, Charles Nii Armah, famously known in the showbiz industry as Shatta Wale, has come out with some interesting facts concerning his life.

During an interview on YFM, the artiste was asked about some of the most cringe moments in his life.

Upon pondering on the question for a while, the musician answered that there was a moment when he almost got arrested and jailed.

According to Shatta Wale, he was in a dating relationship with a Jamaican girl he found in Ghana and he did not know that there was a lot of controversy surrounding the young lady.

SHatta Wale revealed that the girl’s parents reported him to the police and after his arrest, it was revealed to him that the girl was a minor.

However, Shatta Wale claimed that he did not know the girl was a minor because the girl told him that he was a minor but the parents would not listen.

Shatta continued that he went on to call for his family’s support and no one came to his rescue which led to the case being taken to court.

Eventually, he would end up in a jail cell for the time being and during his time in the cell, he would go to the washroom which was dirty and kneel down to pray to God for his freedom.

He then continued that the parents of the girl came to his cell to express how disappointed they were at him due to how they knew him and how talented he was. According to Shatta, all he could do was to beg because there was no one to get him out of the situation.

He then revealed that after his conversation with the parents, he heard the parents arguing with one of the law enforcers to get him out of there, and eventually, he would get out.

Since then, he promised himself to get focused on what he sets himself to do. He also promised himself to be careful with women.


By: Samuel Arthur

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