VIDEO: Fresh Details From Rawlings’ Supposed First Daughter Abigail M. Rawlings

The shocking story of a 52-year-old woman claiming to be the biological daughter of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings has caused the mourning Ghanaian community to stop mourning briefly and stare in awe with mixed feelings.

The woman who undoubtedly has the striking resemblance of the late head of state claimed that she is the biological daughter of the dead man and was ready and willing to undertake a DNA test to prove her point.

According to the woman, whose claim has left many in shock, celebrated TV personality Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dorkono was very much aware of her story as well as other well-meaning family members of the Agbotui family

Here are 10 Fascinating points made by Ms. Abigail Mawutor Rawlings, the long-lost daughter of the J.J Rawlings.

1) Her mother Rose Agbodzi Sende, a Togolese national took seed with Mr. Rawlings when he was only 20-years old and still in school. He begged her to keep the issue secret lest he is made to drop out of school.

2) Abigail Mawutor only got to know about the ‘secret’ of her paternity after she confronted her mother and asked who her father was. That was when her mother Rose Sende let the skeletons out of the cupboard and told her the events that led to her birth in 1967. She began frantic efforts to search for and meet her father, J.J Rawlings.

3)  Abigail grew up and lived with a foster mother at Abeka, a suburb of Accra. She attended the St. Joseph Primary School in Adabraka.

4) According to Abigail, during the final funeral rites of Rawlings’ mother Victoria Agbotui, near mayhem broke when some family members wanted to force Mr. Rawlings to meet his long-lost daughter. According to Abigail, she didn’t want the funeral of her late grandmother to be chaotic for which reason she left the funeral scene.

5) According to Abigail she has made efforts in the past to meet her father, she even went to the premises of the Daily Graphic and Atinka FM to grant interviews with the hope of drawing his attention to herself but to no avail. According to her, the Editors explained that they would need a paternity test as proof of evidence before coming out with such publications.

6.According to Abigail, all she wants is to be accepted by her other siblings as a daughter of their father and not an outcast.


By Edwin Abanga


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