Rawlings Prevented Us From Killing Kweku Baako – Friend Shockingly Reveals

A close friend of the late president John Jerry Rawlings, Riad Hosiefe says Papa J saved veteran journalist, Kweku Baako, from being murdered by soldiers.

According to him, the crime of the veteran journalist was being very critical of the past Rawlings’ regime.

Narrating what happened, Riad Hosiefe said  on the day of the incident, out of anger, he, together with some soldiers, planned to kill Mr. Baako for calling the President a “ba$tard”.

But unknown to them, the late Rawlings heard about their plot and warned them to rescind their decision.

“Rawlings said if anything should happen to Kweku Baako, he will hold us responsible so we stopped. Kwaku Baako owes his life to Rawlings,” Mr Hosiefe claimed.

The former officer said he is making this known to show the soft side of the late Rawlings.

According to him, Ghana has lost a great gem.

This is not the only good thing that has been said about Rawlings since his death.

A former personal bodyguard to former president Rawlings, ex-sergeant Frimpong has also debunked some allegations levelled against Rawlings for years.

According to him, the accusations that the late former leader killed three High court judges was false.

He stated that Rawlings was rather devastated about the incident.

Prior to his death, Rawlings denied ever giving orders for the judges to be executed.

However, in a recent documentary by Multimedia News Channel titled ‘Who Killed the Judges’ demanded answer’s of who called the shoot for the night as  the prime suspect, Joachim Amartey Kwei could not have carried out the act without the backing of higher authority.

According to the documentary, the Captain Kojo Tsikata agreed that Amartey Kwei ought to have obtained the pass from a higher authority before having unrestricted movement on that fateful night when there was a curfew.

The three high court judges, Justices Cecilia Koranteng Addow, Kwadwo Agyei Agyepong, and Fred Poku Sarkodie, and a retired military officer, Major Sam Acquah, were murdered under the cover of darkness in 1982.

Rawlings was blamed for a lot  of bad things that happened in the country, But his former bodyguard says all where false. .

For him, 95% of the evil committed in the past was done at the blind side of the late Rawlings and unfortunately, he was blamed all of them.

“Rawlings knew nothing about the killings of the judges. I was with him, I knew him personally.

‘He knew nothing about it. Rawlings even denied knowledge of it. He was blamed because he was the leader.

‘He knew nothing about the killings.”  Ex-Sargent Frimpong said



By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea


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