Kwame A-Plus Slams Funny Face For Putting His Private Life On Social Media

2020 will never go unforgotten, the world sailed through a pandemic and some entertainment celebrities had either a good or bad year. Funny Face amongst many celebrities went through a very tough time with his ex-wife Vanessa.

Late last year, readers will recall that Funny Face and his family were on the trends list for weeks because of their marital issues. These issues led him to put every little detail about the issue on social media.

Several people have voiced out their opinions on what happened to Funny Face, whiles some believe he was in a state of depression, others believe, he was doing too much by putting his private issues on Facebook and Instagram.

Kwame A-Plus, on the United Showbiz over the weekend, said that Funny Face was wrong for putting everything he was going through on social media. Funny Face had earlier admitted that he was possessed by a depression spirit.

He further recounted his relationship with his Funny Face saying that Funny Face should be happy and appreciative of how far he has come and not allow people’s comments about his marital issues to weigh him down.

In response to Kwame’s comments, Funny Face disclosed that putting everything he was going through on social media was a form of therapy, he further revealed that, he would have been dead by now if not for social media.

He said, “depression came to live in my house, depression will tell you what to do.”

Nana Ama then asked why he kept on putting his issues on social media, in response he said, “there are some people, when they are going through something, they talk to people, in the form of therapy because when you are going through something, you want to be heard, it is like you are drowning.

‘If i did not put those things on social media, like I am dead by now.”


By: Jennifer Elorm

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