“I Need A Man In My Life” -Tima Kumkum Opens Up

Television personality, Cynthia Tima Yeboah, known popularly as Tima Kumkum says she is not complete as she is without a man.

According to her, the absence of a man in her life makes her unhappy.

Touching on how she has been living her life after her divorce.

“ I am not happy , I need a man in my life…Sometimes when something happens at work I feel like Talking to someone but who will I call.

“Anytime I go to bed I cry a lot when praying to God. It is not easy ,  my father also helps a lot but he can’t do everything. I can say Royal Coutre helps me so much , anything I call her she picks am” she said

This does not come as a surprise as a lot of single women are suffering in silence.

It is good she has opened up over such a sensitive issue .

She will soon find  a good man .

In other news, a woman who scalded her estranged husband with acid after he caught her engaging in s*x marathon with lover.

A woman has reported scalded her husband with acid after he caught her engaging in hot s*x with her lover in the Soweto estate in Embakasi East sub-county, Nairobi.

The suspect, Lucy Njeri while touching on the incident said she had separated from her husband prior to the incident but he refused to come to terms with it.

Lucy explained that she left her husband because his manhood was too big for her.

“I have repeatedly told him that I don’t want him because I can’t stand him but he keeps coming back and I have reported him to the police for it.

‘ I have more than 20 (Occurrence Book) entry records against him but he rushes to the police to file counterclaims against me and no action has ever been taken. I can show them,” she added.


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea



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