Don’t Let Your Certificate Limit You – Chairman Wontumi Advises

Businessman and Politician, Bernard Antwi Boasiako, popularly known as Chairman Wontumi has opined that many people have allowed their education certificates to render them lazy.

According to him, these people limit themselves to what they have learnt in school and that hinders their development and success.

Speaking to YFM’s Rev. Erskine on the Y Leaderboard Series, he stated: “A lot of people who have certificate have become lazy because they feel that what they have certificate for is the only thing they can do.

‘Someone will say he or she is a professional accountant but such as a person has no money. If you are a professional accountant, it means you have money.

‘If you have learnt professional accounting, see that as a stepping stone because you can do more than that”.

Using his experience as an example, he noted that while he did not have his secondary school certificate, he devised a strategy to learn from others so that he can be successful.

“In my case, for anyone I meet, I make sure I benefit from them. I just don’t meet people. I meet people for a purpose.

‘I don’t take friends. So when I say someone is my friend, I learn a lot from that person. It is not about money.

‘You cannot give Wontumi money. It is knowledge that I want. I meditate on it and I act on it”, he stated.

The NPP Ashanti Regional Chairman shared how proud he was to have lived a good life even without a certificate.

He told Rev. Erskine: “If you live your life well, even if you make mistakes, people won’t even notice it.

‘So if I didn’t live my life well, people will start pointing at me and say that even when I completed school I did not even get my certificate. This is the reality.

But because I have lived a good life, my headmaster and others came to me and said, ‘we want to bring you your certificate’.

‘I cried and prayed to God. I didn’t take it. I told them to keep it as an artifact in the school to encourage others”.


Source: Happy 98.9FM




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