VIDEO: Sakawa Boys Caught Eating Live Chicken As Native Doctor Performs Ritual For Them

Netizens have experienced the shock of their lives after a video of some sakawa boys were caught chewing live chicken went viral online.

In the video, the suspected yahoo boys were caught eating the live chicken while the ‘native doctor’ performed rituals on them.

The group was also seen dancing to loud music as they damaged the live chicken in the presence of a ‘native doctor’ who was also spotted chanting incantations.

In other news, another suspected sakawa man has been caught red-handed engaging in hot s*x with a madwoman in a classroom in Kumasi.

Eye-witnesses say Abubakar bought some food for the madwoman who was then residing around the school.

Some say the food was in the form of a token to soften the mentally deranged woman down.

However, when he was questioned about why he bought food for the woman, the guy said, the woman was hungry and out of care, he decided to buy her food.

The man is said to have been grabbed after he bounced on the mad woman.

Just after a few rounds, members of the community who has been observing his moves bumped on him and apprehended him in the act.

” He came around earlier and upon being asked what his motive was, he said he came to drop some food for the madwoman because she seemed famished. We later caught him having s*x with her after returning from our rounds elsewhere”, an eye witness said.

I don’t know what is wrong with these people, just because of money you are going through all sort of things.

What is preventing them from working tirelessly to amass wealth?

The most painful aspect is that they don’t even use the money for good things.

Just because of the lavish lifestyle these young ones can go the extra miles to do these things.

By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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