“I Asked Them For Help But They Ended Up Sleeping With Me” – Homos*xual Shares His Experience With Ghanaian Pastors

A young man identified as Nana has shared the most bizarre story ever over a heart-wrenching story of his life as a gay in Ghana.

According to him, he started his gay journey at eleven years old after his cousin introduced it to him.

Nana said although he tried on several occasions to stop early, he could not fight the addiction which continued until he completed Senior High School.

Through the gayism, Nana was able to get enough money of which saw him through Senior High School.

But as of now, Nana wants to quit but it has been a difficult journey.

He sadly revealed how some Pastors who he contacted for help also coax him into sleeping with him.

“I contacted some Pastors with my problem. I told them I see no good in being gay and that I want to stop. Some will tell you to come and stay at their Church premises so that they pray with you.

‘But when I do, they sleep with me too. In my life, I’ve slept with five Pastors but now I want to stop, I need help, I really need help,” he said

It is a great shame that people of these calibers are parading themselves as men of God.

Due to things like these many people do not want to go to church or have anything to do with God.

Christians must now change their ways, as these things affect the things of God.

Currently, when it comes to peoples s*xuality and Religion, Christianity is the last thing that will come to people’s minds.

Let’s all change those barbaric acts.

I will not be surprised if this guy stops believing in God and the church as a whole.

Let’s stop disappointing unbelievers.


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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