‘Wendy Shay Cursing Keche Is Childish’ – Mzbel

The Ghanaian musician cum businesswoman, Mzbel, has fired at Wendy Shay due to the previous curse Wendy laid on her fellow musician, Keche Joshua.

The whole controversy began when reports came in the musician was doing drugs. This was due to the recent lifestyle Wendy started showcasing.

The rumors of Wendy doing drugs spread so far that both Wendy Shay and her mother came out to debunk all the claims.

The musician, Keche, worried about Wendy Shay, took to social media to ask fans to show some support to her and advise her because there was something wrong with her. Keche continued that she might be going through some tough times.

When Wendy caught wind of this, she took to social media to express her utter disappointment in Keche.

In her anger, she laid a curse on Keche saying that the musician’s daughter was going to face the same situation she is going through.

‘kecheJoshua are you not ashamed of yourself?.your Wife shd be ashamed of you ..an old artiste mocking a fellow young artiste who is a woman They will do the worst things to your daughter For your Info I’m not on drugs and I’m not going thru anything Hater! #bringbackprayfortheworld“.”

Mzbel, who was disappointed in what Wendy Shay said, also came out to say that she believed that Wendy Shay acted childish by cursing Keche because the musician was worried about her well-being.

What Keche said about the Wendy Shay wasn’t good, but she should come out that way,” she said it on United Showbiz on UTV on Saturday.

“What Wendy said about Keche is childish. Next time Wendy should contact Bullet before saying something like this. She should have contacted an elderly person before doing so”.


By Samuel Arthur



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