Ashanti Region: School Remained Closed Despite Official Reopening

Despite the reopening of schools across the country, some Junior High Schools in the Kumasi Metropolis of the Ashanti region have remained closed. Students who reported to school on the official reporting date, January 15, 2020, were unable to access their classrooms as the doors remained locked.

A first-year student of the Bantama Methodist Junior High School said: “We came around with the intention of tidying up the place so that Monday, we can begin classes.

Since we came, we haven’t seen anything, if we had even got a broom, to even sweep, Monday, we could come and study but now, we have to come on Monday, and tidy up the place meanwhile, we’re anxious to begin lessons. A form 3 student also added that:

“Because of COVID-19, we stayed home for a long time so if they had shown up for us to tidy up the place today, we could begin lessons on Monday, but no one is showing up.”

Some parents who were going round to secure admissions of their wards expressed their disappointment and frustration over their unexplained absence of staff and school administration.

With this current school that we’re just standing in, we came and we saw some students around, we inquired and they said none of the administrators is in, we also went round to find out for ourselves and we found that they have locked all the doors, even the classrooms, so the students who are around are just loitering around, with nobody to control them.

We also know that today is 15 which is supposed to be the reopening day.

So we don’t know we’re currently frustrated, we are yet to move to a different school, to see what is happening there.”


By: Edwin Abanga



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