Military Officers Justify Their Reasons For Invading Parliament

Mr. Rockson-Nelson Dafeamekpor, the Member of Parliament for South Danyi has revealed to the media that a junior military officer who was among the group of soldiers who invaded the premises of the parliament told him that they had been sent to take over and conduct the elections.

Lamenting over the development, the lawmaker noted that the conduct and comments of the military officers did not sit well with them, hence their decision show them the exit.

Speaking in an interview on radio, Mr. Dafeamekpor explained that he earlier got tased after trying to stop a section of military officers from barging into the parliament house.

He said ‘When the soldiers stormed parliament they told us they are here to take over and conduct the elections. We told them it’s not done that way and so they should move out.

I was in braces and jacket and so as the confrontation got heated I was tased by a military man who was holding a taser.

When I was tased, I felt very numb in my hand and for over two hours I had to sit down because my right hand was ‘dead’. What happened was very bad’

It will be recalled that a brawl ensued in the house of parliament after one parliamentarian seeking to disrupt the parliamentary election process snatched and made away with some ballot papers.

A group of military officers shortly after the regrettable incident barged into the legislative house with the hope of installing order and overseeing the electoral process.

Immediately the armed military men stormed the Chamber, the MPs-elect started singing the Ghana National Anthem with a repetition of the last sentence of the first stanza, which states “And help us to resist oppressors’ rule, with all our will and might forevermore.” Mr. Dafeamekpor described what happened in Parliament as very shameful and should not be entertained.



By: Edwin Abanga

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