Ghana Medical Association Opens Up On Dangers Of Covid-19 Vaccination

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has allayed fears over increasing public fears over the safety of Covid-19 vaccines.

In an interview on radio, the President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Frank Ankobea advised that the government vamps effort in educating the public on the importance of vaccination against the much dread Covid-19 pandemic.

He said ‘As a country, we tend to wait for things to get out of hand before we take responsibility.

The vaccine education must start now. I know people are skeptical but we the scientists know that the vaccines are safe and that is probably what will help us in the long term.

We need to start vaccine education right away. Some of us will be ready to take the vaccines to set the pace.”

“We should not wait for the vaccines to come in before we start the education. We must begin now, otherwise, we will receive the vaccines alright, but people will not go in for them.

We will only achieve head immunity when we vaccinate at least 70% of our adult population.

We are not going to get the vaccines as quickly as is projected. They are expensive. But for now, we need to channel our energies to renewing the minds of the masses,”

As it stands, Ghana currently has a record of 1,261 active cases of coronavirus, with a death toll of 338 persons.

According to the Ghana Health Service, the Greater Accra region, Western, and Central Regions continue to lead with high rates of infections in the country.

The Ghana Health Service further revealed that in partnership with the West Africa Health Organization (WAHO) and other sub-regional Heads of State to develop a vaccine to combat Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.


By: Edwin Abanga




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